So you’ve signed up for the awesome challenge of Coast to Coast. Sweet! If you’re new to this race, you will probably find yourself asking lots of questions. You’re probably nervous about the kayak leg on the Waimak River. What boat should you buy? How do you learn the skill of being a good paddler?


Our club can provide you with the support and expertise you need so you are prepared to tackle the Coast to Coast with confidence. Our members have a wealth of experience in not just kayaking skills and technique, but in multisport racing. Join other Coast to Coast participants as you learn new skills, grow your ability, and get Coast to Coast ready. We provide a pathway to obtaining your compulsory Grade 2 cert (via WERO). WCMC also owns a range of multisport kayaks that are free for Club Members to use at the club’s facilities - from beginner through to advanced – an invaluable tool in helping you find your ideal kayak.


We hold workshops to go over all aspects of the race, where you can learn from those who have done it, and get answers to your questions. Final dates TBD (Keep an eye on our Facebook page for exact dates).

May/June #1 Basic introduction, what your Coast to Coast journey will involve, milestones, aims. We want to make sure you get there, and are ready!

July/August #2 Getting down to race specifics, the course, the gear, nutrition, and so forth.

Jun/July - Paddling technique workshop.

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We use the amazing facility at WERO for members to obtain their Grade 2 certification. The cost of this is separate to your club membership. There are a number of steps involved. We try to get you along in groups of similar ability, which helps keep costs down. Expect $200-400, depending on ability. The number of sessions you need to do to gain your G2 cert will depend on your existing experience and progress.

Early on in your WERO experience, you should get your get WERO Certification, which allows you to paddle on their rapids independently. Awesome fun!

Introduction Day at WERO – April - Exact date TBD (Keep an eye on our Facebook page for exact dates)


We begin your river paddling journey by learning on tidal water in the Auckland area. We have identified locations where moving tidal water creates moderate river conditions, with fast moving water and eddies. We start with the easy spots, and then move to some slightly more challenging locations. This is ideal for getting used to what you will experience on the Waimak, in a multisport boat, in your own backyard.

In spring, members usually start heading down to rivers in the central North Island to get some true river experience. A popular option is the Mohaka River, but some members will often head down to other rivers such as the Rangtikei.

So join up, make friends, and make the most of the journey. If you have any queries, contact our Multisport Co-ordinator Di Rankin.


When us ‘Coast to Coast novices’ got better, we were able to head to the Mohaka as a group to practice on white water, and this is what really set us up for success on race day.

Belinda William, 2 Day Individual



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The experienced paddlers at the club were extremely generous with their time! They provide me paddling technique, nutrition advice, river reading guidance and other recommendations for race day.

Bonnie Brady, 2 Day Individual



Getting to paddle with and listen to athletes that had done the race with years of experience gave us real direction to our training. It was a great opportunity to swap training tips and stories with other first timers as well.

Gavin Roos, Longest Day


What helped me the most was I met all my training partners through the club who were all learning too! We did heaps of river trips and went through everything together!

Vance Bell, Longest Day

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